7th - 8th Grade English & Literature



A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman

7th and 8th Grade English & Literature and 6th Grade English

Haley Bentley

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What We Are Doing! 
7th Grade English: Monday - 12/5 Review Sentence Types for Final  

8th Grade English: Monday - 12/5 Review Active and Passive Voice for Final  

8th Grade Literature: Monday - 12/5 Review Plot & Point of View for Final  

7th Grade Literature: Monday - 12/5 Review Plot & Characterization for Final 


Learning Links

Grammar Bytes - This site provides "one-stop shopping" for learning about dozens of grammar terms and concepts. There are lots of interactive grammar exercises, too, to let you test your knowledge. read more ...

Grammar Quizzes - This site provides lots of self-scoring grammar quizzes. read more ...

On-Line Writing Lab - Along with providing help on your writing, this site offers useful handouts on grammar, spelling, and punctuation topics. read more ...