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Mr. Bridges

Mr. Bridges

Drama, Music Appreciation and Debate

Mr. Michael Bridges

205-991-5963 - ext. 239


 Knowledge of and participation in the arts is fundamental to the development of children.  This class promotes an understanding of music, drama, and debate. Beginning with our youngest learners and progressing through middle school, the class will help students discover the joy of experiencing the arts and provide them with opportunities to foster thinking skills, creativity, and communication skills. 

In addition to this class, students in grades K-5 participate in a liturgical music class. Middle school students also have the option to participate in a drama exploratory class.  Extracurricular activities in the performing arts are also offered including band, choir, and drama. 

Christmas Assembly to Feature Performing Arts Classes!

Join us for a delightful program On Tuesday, Dec. 20 featuring songs, dance, and dynamic performances from students of all Performing Arts Classes!  We get things started at 8:15 a.m.  Parents and friends welcomed to this traditional OLV School event!  Click the Drummer Boy below to hear a fabulous version of this song that will be performed at the Assembly by Drama Exploratory students!

Mr. Bridges' Star-Spangled Banner Challenge!

That's right--the gauntlet has been thrown--Mr. bridges has challenged ALL his Performing Arts classes K through 8 to learn the lyrics of our National Anthem by the end of the year perfectly!  We are off to a great start!  We can do it!  Click the flag below to learn the story about our Anthem and why it is so important!