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Ms. Dennis

Ms. Dennis

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Teacher: Ms. Jeanie Dennis
Aide: Mrs. Betty Rivers
Phone: 205-991-5963 ext: 450
Email address: dkinolv@olvsch.com

My Philosophy of Education

I am committed to addressing the needs and wants of each individual child as he or she encounters a variety of experiences in and out of the classroom. Children develop in a fun loving environment where he or she is free and relaxed to be him or herself. The total child is evolving with values and morals in a faith based atmosphere. Children when given hands on experiences can explore relationships with others and materials. Through the support of my school’s mission statement and beliefs, I attempt to serve as a model for learning, which will enable students to become enthusiastic life-long learners.


How I Apply My Philosophy of Education

I begin each day reminding myself that every student in my class is someone’s precious child. My classroom provides opportunities for students to meet the type of mental, emotional, and physical needs that each child has through playful experiences. There are many learning centers throughout the room for the children to explore. My favorites are dramatic play, blocks, and reading in the loft. I have opportunities for the children to express themselves dramatically and to utilize their creative interests. I encourage children to talk, sing, dance, paint, draw, build, read write, and think in an atmosphere of playful interaction. The students choose which centers the will work on each day. When Children make their own choices, they gain a positive self-image and an enthusiastic love for learning. Over all, I love my student’s and my profession. Nothing is more rewarding than a hug or a smile from a student when they have accomplished something new.


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