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Scrip Gift Cards

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is purchasing gift certificates or gift cards through OLV.  The participating businesses sell their gift cards to OLV at a discount.  When OLV sells them to you at face value, the difference between the discounted purchase price and the face value is given to OLV.  Your contribution to OLV is generated by the percentage the business has agreed to discount the cards.

SCRIP cards can be used to purchase fuel, groceries, clothing, toys, entertainment, home improvements, business supplies and much more.  You don’t have to buy anything you don’t need or want, just use SCRIP instead of cash to buy the items you are already buying.  There is no extra cost to you.

Click here for Retail Gift Cards List

Why do We Require SCRIP?

SCRIP was successfully introduced to OLV in 2002.  It has grown in popularity and proven to be a positive addition to funding.  Families, with students in grades K-8 must either participate in the SCRIP Program or pay a school fee of $225 at the beginning of the year.   Families who do participate in SCRIP must purchase $3,800 in certificates per year to be used at the merchants of their choice.  If a family does not meet their SCRIP goal, then they are billed a prorated portion of the fee.  But with a little planning parents meet their allotment and don’t incur the additional out of pocket costs for their fee - without spending anything more than they do right now.  

There are hundreds of merchants from throughout the country making them perfect for your shopping or as gifts for out of town guests too. Click on the list of participating SCRIP Merchants at right.   Orders must be accompanied by a check, payable to OLV. For additional information call the school office at 205-991-5963 (ext. 100).