• Eclipse Day in Preschool!
  • Fourth grade eclipse models.
  • Eclipse Day in Preschool!
  • Skittles Math in Kindergarten
  • Grandparents Day 2017
  • Celebrating Mary's Birthday
  • Skittles Math
  • 8th Grade Cheerleaders Lead the Eagle Flight Pep Rally
  • 8th Grade Cheerleaders
  • First Grade is Greeted at our Pep Rally
  • We Love Our Teachers!
  • Checking out the Eagle Flight Prizes!
  • Back to School Bash 2017
  • OLV PTO Board
  • Fr. Jantz visits third grade
  • First day of school with Fr. Jantz in second grade.

News and Events

Back to School Beatitudes

Blessed is September, for it shall end August.

Blessed are those who shop for school shoes and supplies, for they shall learn patience.

Blessed are the poor in pocket, for they shall be called parents.

Blessed are the teachers, for they shall hunger and thirst for silence.


Blessed are the email and phone answerers, the parent callers and voices over the intercom calling children, for they shall be called school secretaries.

Blessed are those who chaperone for field trips’ sake, for they shall be called room mothers.

Blessed are those who wake up slow and are not ready in the morning, for they shall be called students.

Blessed are we all for God’s gift of a new school year, for we shall be called OLV, and we shall be blessed.


- Adapted by Peggy DeBlanc-Vogt

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Ordinary Time

Ordinary time is that time in the church year which is outside the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Ordinary time takes us through the life of Jesus. We see how He spread the message of God and called his disciples. It is a time for us to grow closer to God by living a life which reflects the beliefs Jesus taught.