Advisory Council

Minutes from the most recent meeting

School Advisory Council Overview

The OLV School Advisory Council serves the school by promoting and supporting the mission of the school and advising both the Principal and Pastor in providing the best possible Catholic education for the students. It is comprised of the Pastor, Principal, PTO President, Faculty Representative, CCD Director and members appointed by the Pastor for terms of three years.

The purpose of the Council is:

  • To promote and articulate the mission of the school in the parish, community and public forums
  • To encourage parental participation in Catholic Education
  • To provide stability for the future by setting short and long term goals and evaluating progress on these goals
  • To develop, promulgate and evaluate local policies in alignment with policies of the Diocesan Catholic School Board
  • To deal with the school’s financial needs today and plan for the future, including helping plan the budget
  • To serve as an instrument of communication between Pastor, Principal, parents and parish.

The Council meets monthly during the school year at 7 PM in the Social Hall. Meeting dates are noted on the school calendar. Approved minutes from meetings are posted on this web site after being approved by the Council.

If you would like to address the Council, you may do so by contacting the council president two weeks in advance of the meeting date. Click on council members for the name and email address of the school advisory council president.

Minutes from the most recent meeting