Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School

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Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School

5510 Double Oak Lane  Birmingham, AL  35242

Phone:  205-991-5963   Fax:  205-995-1251



Principal:  Mr. Andy Rothery    205-991-5963   x232      [email protected]

Bookkeeper: Mrs. Carol Cahill     205-991-5963  x 233     [email protected]

Receptionist:  Mrs. Nell Maloney  205-991-5963   x 100     [email protected]

Office Manager:  Ms. Danielle Lazenby   205-991-5963  x235     [email protected]

Counselor:  Ms. Ally Belcher   205-991-5963  x 222     [email protected]

Librarian:  Mrs. Jennifer Elliott  205-991-5963   x 423     [email protected]

After School Care Director:   Mrs. Nancy Murphy  voicemail: 461     [email protected]



General information about the school - Mrs. Nell Maloney     [email protected]

Inquiries about this web site - Ms. Colleen Sweeney    [email protected]

ParentsWeb, Scholarship for Kids, Registration - Mrs. Danielle Lazenby     [email protected]

Tuition and billing - Ms. Carol Cahill     [email protected]


Teaching Staff:


  Mrs. Tricia Carbonie     voicemail 440     [email protected]

  Mrs. Jennifer Crain      voicemail  443     [email protected]


Ms. Jeanie Dennis   voicemail:  450     [email protected]           

                  Mrs. Holly Whistle (aide) 

First Grade:    

Mrs. Lori DeLucca   voicemail:  497     [email protected]

                Mrs. Holly Whistle (aide)   

Second Grade:

Mrs. Janice Peters  voicemail: 496     [email protected]                      

Third Grade:    

Mrs. Becky Williamson    voicemail:  433     [email protected]

Fourth Grade:   

Mrs. Judi Hobbs    voicemail:  424    [email protected]

Fifth Grade:    

 Mrs. Lorrie Steele   voicemail: 425   [email protected]

Middle School English & Literature: 

Mr Sam Childers voicemail: 455  [email protected]   

Middle School Math

Mrs. Gina Hagelskamp voicemail:  407     [email protected]     

Middle School Science:   

Mrs. Ann Stevens  voicemail:  408     [email protected]

Religion & Middle School Social Studies:        

Mr. John Fuller  voicemail:       j[email protected]   

Physical Ed:     

Mrs. Wendy Hassinger   voicemail:  466     [email protected]                     


 Ms. Caroline Wheeler   voicemail: 462  [email protected]           


Mrs. Constanza Bello     [email protected]      

Drama/Fine Arts: 

Mr. Michael Bridges   voicemail:  239     [email protected]


Mrs. Josephine Pilleteri    voicemail 465     [email protected]
Mrs. Colleen Sweeney     voicemail 495     [email protected]