Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School

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Elementary Program

OLV fosters a nurturing learning environment that encourages students to live as the individuals God created them to be, each with their own aspirations and levels of achievement.  The success-oriented elementary curriculum fosters spiritual growth, encourages self-confidence, and instills positive moral development.940tj8wiyl9i9sihtij0gn191dl.jpg

Our comprehensive elementary curriculum, coupled with an exceptional teaching staff, promotes academic success while motivating a life-long love for learning.  The curriculum is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills with special emphasis on applying knowledge to their everyday lives. The curriculum is complemented with field trips and co-curricular activities that emphasize creativity and encourage academic achievement.  The elementary program includes religion and core academic subjects as well as courses in art, Spanish, technology, performing arts (drama and music), library science, counseling, and physical education.

Teachers embrace the belief that each child is a unique gift of God; therefore, the needs of the individual are met through a variety of teaching methods and learning experiences. Teachers utilize tiered assignments to supplement emerging learners and challenge the advanced learners.  Assignments are level-blind so students do not perceive themselves as belonging to a particular ability group.  A variety of assessments are used to accommodate varying learning styles.  Peer grouping allows for higher performing students to model good academic habits and assist students.

At OLV, the school lives its mission to encourage students to reach their full potential in a creative and nurturing environment that promotes Gospel values every day. Guided by their faith and supported by a caring community, OLV students excel in an environment steeped in Christian values and high academic goals.